Crack cream

             Rich Moisturizing cream is  ancient Ayurvedic preparation which formed from natural Herbs & enriched with nutritional Vitamin of skin. For the skin to remain normal and fresh, the upper most layer, namely the stratum corneum should contain more than 10% of the total water content. In places with tropical climate like India, heat, sun-rays and pollution tend to dry the skin. Thus, use of a moisturiser becomes essential.
·        It is unique Ayuredic preparation that help build moisture in the inner layers of the skin that keeps skin hydrated & beautiful for 24 hours and also protects the skin from damages due to the sun's radiation.
Composition & Pharmacology:
  • Chandan (Santalum album):- Make skin soft
  • Neem ext. (Azadirachta Indica):-  antibacterial & antifungal properties.
  • Aloevera :-Prevent skin disease & protection against Sun light.
  • Tulasi (Ocimum tenuiflorum):- prevent skin dullness.
  • Other ingredient : Milk,Wheat germ oil,lemon oil, cream base.
How to use:
  • A moisturiser should be used after bath on a moist skin surface. One may even use a sun-screen during the day and a moisturiser at bed time.
·         Aryabhishek